FAQ | W. Brad LaJeunesse



Most folks I work with on a regular basis have no idea I have this secret life as a writer. Most are shocked, many are dubious, while others nod their heads with a panicked expression while they search for the closest exit, but almost all of them ask similar questions.

Q1.What sort of stories do you write?

A1. I mostly write silly space opera, but I also have a southern gothic in progress that is not silly in the least.

Q2.When will you publish Volume Three?

A2. By the end of 2017. I think.

Q3. When do you write? How much do you write?

A3. I’m at my best early in the morning, but I’ve been known (mostly while on “vacation”) to write from dawn till dusk with just bathroom and sweet tea breaks. In beast mode, I can write in excess of 10,000 words a day. More often, days are in the few thousand words range.